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Study Finds Listening To Music Will Improve Your Sex Life


It’s a given that the likes of Marvin Gaye and perhaps a little Bieber (depending on the date) can set the mood and increase your chances of getting laid, but pumping up the tunes pre-sex has more benefits than you might think, according to a study conducted by Sonos and neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin.

Apparently, listening to music at home can make you feel more loved, enjoy cooking more and spend more time with your family, as well as make taking out the rubbish a hell of a lot easier, according to the 30,000-person survey.

One massive takeaway from the study was that 67% of respondents said they have more sex while listening to music in their home. In fact, participants in the study who listen to music at home said they spend an additional 3 hours and 13 minutes per week together.

“The truth is, people may be sharing a home, but they aren’t sharing much else. Music may be able to change that by bringing everyone back together,” Levitan says. “This study takes an important step forward in showing how listening to music out loud can enhance relationships at home.”

According to Levitan, when people listen to music out loud together, their neurons fire synchronously with one another releasing oxytocin or, the ‘love hormone’. “Listening to new music activates the novelty detectors in our brains, and modulates levels of dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter/hormone in the brain, that serves as a reward,” he says.

So, music it is for better relationships…or at least, a good way to fill an awkward first date silence.



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