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8 Superhero Airbnb Getaways For Your Inner Batman Or Superman

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1 of 7|Wayne Manor, England|It's not the exact Wayne Manor, but this sumptuous stately home off the beaten track in Suffolk has an imposing exterior like the billionaire residence of Bruce Wayne. Arrive by seaplane and land on the manor's private lake and you're practically Batman. Just add Alfred.
2 of 7|The Ultimate Batcave, Tokyo|While we totally acknowledge this Shibuya 'Batcave' is kitschy to say the least, it's totally decked out for the Batman nerd in all of us. Complete with batsuit, a huge selection of memorabilia and old comics you'll never be spilling the secrets of this Batcave.
3 of 7|Bruce Wayne's Secret Hideaway, Iceland|Nicknamed "The Cave Up North", this apartment is where Bruce Wayne stays when he comes to Reykjavik to relax and take a little time-off from his otherwise very tight crime-fighting schedule in Gotham City.
4 of 7|The Enchanted Batcave, Australia|For a Batcave with stunning views, you can't go past this magical Bilpin hideaway. Overlooking the Blue Mountains and built on a natural rock platform, this Batcave is the perfect place to escape your daily superhero grind.
5 of 7|Clark Kent's Childhood Home, Kansas|A replica of Clark Kent's childhood home in Smallville, Kansas, this quaint yet stylish cottage is the perfect place to relive Superman's formative years after crash landing in a spaceship and being found by Jonathan & Martha Kent.
6 of 7|House Of Steel For A Man Of Steel, Atlanta|For a superhero nicknamed the 'Man of Steel', here is the perfect modern glass and steel home. When you're not hiding away from the rest of the world, this striking forest retreat is ideal for entertaining guests tucked away in the mature hardwood trees.
7 of 7|Lex Luthor's Billionaire Hideaway, Miami|Live like Lex Luthor in the lap of luxury in this Miami estate. With generous 12-foot ceilings, waterfront views and a tropical pool, your super villain life can be a thing of the past.

Are you a hero or a villain? With the impending release of Superman vs. Batman, we’re getting in the spirit with the 8 best ‘superhero’ Airbnb getaways for you to channel your inner DC comic character.

From the ultimate Blue Mountains batcave, to a house of steel fit for a man of steel, a secret Iceland hideaway fit for Bruce Wayne or a replica of the Wayne Manor in England, we’ve got all your superhero fantasies sorted.

Click through the slideshow and start plotting your plan to save humankind. 



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