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How To Get Theo James’ Style

Theo James may be an unfamiliar name to some, but for the legions of tweens out there he’s a bonafide rockstar born from The Divergent series of films. The 31-year-old English actor isn’t just a go to guy for a teen heartthrob role though.

Most recently James was appointed the newest ambassador for Hugo Boss fragrances, starring in his own commercial to mark the arrival in the industry. From then on he’s basically been snapped out and about stamping his approval as a future style force to be reckoned with. Today we’re showing you how to get the Theo James fashion and style chops.

Breaking It Down


Street-cred or suit-cred, it’s all in a day’s work for most well-dappered English gents in show business. James is one of these guys and he’s able to pull together a mean outfit on most occasions where he’s spotted. The three defining looks for James includes a variation of conservative suits without the noise of accessories, his pared down street style and his play on the winter coat. All three key looks are super easy to score and most importantly, affordable.

Suit Soldier


The humble suit is never far from a typical style steal. For Theo James, this style is always kept clean and conservative for red carpet duties. Unlike his other English counterpart Robert Pattinson, James forgoes the louder suits for classic colours and patterns such as navy windowpane, three-piece grey or an entire blackout from head to toe. Simple, yet elegant.

For the navy windowpane, be sure to add a dash of pop to the look with a contrasting tie just as James has. A maroon silk knitted tie would do wonders in this case. Moving onto the three-piece, James doesn’t mess too much with the masculine lines of the classic look. A vest adds substantial bulk to his build and the classic grey is an area no man can go wrong in.We’d recommend throwing in a nice watch and fitting those trousers.

Going the full black out is not easily pulled off by everyone as it can depend on your skin tone and hair colour. If your complexion is light like James’, then you’re good to pull the trigger. Essential tip: Make sure the black ensemble is well fitted to your body to avoid looking like a Mafia henchman.

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Street Fighter


Heading to the streets is where James shines the most. His rendition of a trendy New Yorker makes his relaxed style seem intentional and even curated. Starting with a simple leather jacket, James throws it over a button up shirt and pairs it with dark chinos. Shoes are strictly weekend shoes and a side bag is mandatory.

For days where a bit of colour is required, take after the star’s winning ways in dressing younger. Beanie, bomber jacket, a tee with a splash of colour and cool denim is all it takes. Again, side bag is mandatory to pull off the ‘man-on-the-go’ look. Taking it even a notch lower, a cool pullover paired with washed denim and Converses takes chilled threads to great new heights.

Coat Hanger


Our final look for Theo James involves dressing up the humble coat. It’s a versatile piece that can be used effectively in three ways as James has. In a suit situation it adds a bit of flair to the Winter wardrobe whilst still keeping in line with the dress code.

When it’s time to knock off, ditch the tie, unbutton the shirt and you’re ready to meet up with that hot date. It’s one of the easier after hours looks to score. Finally, to lift the casual look, pair the coat to a collar-less top. Even some printed tops will make this look an urban winner. Pair the coat with your favourite leather or suede boots and you’re good to go. Theo James fashion accomplished.

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