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Turkish Airlines Advertise Flights To Gotham City

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting cinemas at the end of the month, we’ve entered the final stages of the promo blitz, and superfans who’ve dreamed of taking a trip to Batman’s Gotham City are (almost) in luck.

Turkish Airlines have partnered with Warner Bros. to release a video advertising new flights to Gotham City. The clever ad campaign features Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, boasting about his hometown’s rise from the ashes. “Thanks to a significant grant from my company, Wayne Enterprises,” he says, “Gotham is being restored to its former glory.”

Viewers are invited to “discover why Gotham City is great again” – and maybe even catch a glimpse of a certain cape-wearing local celebrity. Accompanying the video is a Batman-centric page on the Turkish Airlines site. Prospective visitors can view a travel guide that details the metropolis’ tourist attractions, cultural offerings, food and drink, visa requirements, and more.

Oh, and speaking of “metropolis”…  Superman fans get the same treatment. Turkish Airlines have also released a video and webpage for travel to Metropolis, the stomping ground of the Man of Steel.


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