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10 Hilarious & Incredible Tweets That Broke The Internet


Ready to feel old? Today, Twitter is celebrating its 10th birthday. Yes, that’s right. A decade ago, on March 21, 2006 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey decided to post to the internet: “just setting up my twttr”, proving to be the most important 24 characters ever to hit the World Wide Web.

Where would the likes of Kanye West, Donald Trump and the Kardashian Klan be without the little tweeting blue bird of Twitter? In honour of the social media platform’s 10th birthday, today we’re celebrating the hilarious, momentous and incredible tweets that broke the internet.

#1 The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

It’s not every day that you get Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum and Kevin Spacey in a photo altogether. At the 2014 Oscars, talk show phenomenon Ellen DeGeneres took on the challenge and with the help of Bradley Cooper’s (almost long enough) arm captured the famous selfie, which has now clocked up over 3,000,000 retweets and over 2,000,000 likes.

#2 One Direction Baby

Warming the hearts of teenage girls all over the world, in January of this year One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson posted a picture of his new baby boy Freddie. Two months later and the tweet has gone viral with over 500,000 retweets and over 800,000 likes.

#3 Bruce Becomes Caitlyn

On the 1st of June, 2015 Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete, American TV personality and Kardashian family member Bruce Jenner made her introduction to the world as Caitlyn Jenner after gender transitioning. The tweet was retweeted 250,000 times and liked by 400,000 followers. Even more impressive, Caitlyn’s Twitter reached 1,000,000 followers in just 4 hours.

#4 Leonard Nimoy “Live Long and Prosper”

Leonard Nimoy, known for his role as “Mr. Spock” on Star Trek sadly passed away last year on February 27 at 83 years old. The actor’s poignant final tweet was signed with “LLAP”, or “Live Long and Prosper” referencing his character’s iconic catchphrase.

#5 Four More Years

Shortly after being re-elected to Presidency for his second term, Barack Obama left his mark on social media with a tweet embracing First Lady Michelle Obama celebrating four more years. It’s been retweeted over 780,000 times and liked by more than 354,000 Twitter users.

#6 Water On Mars

Remember when the clever mates over at NASA found Water Ice on Mars? The Phoenix Mars Lander identified water in a soil sample with its robotic arm in 2008.

#7 Love Wins

In June of 2015, President Barack Obama tweeted his support for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage would be legalised. With over 441,000 retweets and more than 429,000 likes, he’s clearly not alone in his support.

#8 Kanye West Philosophy

Mr. Rebellious, Kanye West, has deleted many of his infamous tweets e.g. “Sometimes I get emotional about fonts”, but there’s still plenty of philosophical nonsense to choose from West’s Twitter. This particular gem was posted on September 23, 2015 and has since clocked up almost 400,000 retweets and over 280,000 likes.

#9 Trump Strikes Again

It’s no easy task picking just one Donald Trump tweet that broke the internet. From sexist comments to downright politically incorrect abuse, there are plenty of options. This one, which was retweeted over 28,000 times and liked by 30,000 users, was just plain weird. Since when did the Trump care so much about Robert Pattinson?

#10 First Tweet

just setting up my twttr

— Jack (@jack) March 21, 2006

Of course, we can’t complete this list of Internet-breaking tweets without mentioning the first ever tweet, from co-founder Jack Dorsey on 2006. To think how far we’ve come…




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