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UberMoto Could Be Making Its Way To Our Roads

Ride sharing service Uber is about to go two wheels with the launch of UberMoto, the company’s first motorbike service which will require you to hug a stranger for the duration of your trip.


If that sounds like your kind of fun, then you’ll have to move to Thailand’s Bangkok as this is where UberMoto is currently going through its testing phase. The rules stipulate that passengers will have to wear a helmet although it doesn’t have to be their own – all riders are required to carry a spare passenger with them at all times. This is even greater news for hair nits and the art of sweat swapping.

UberMoto is said to benefit densely populated countries such as Asia and India which use motorcycles as their main mode of transport. The rate of accidents in those areas for motorcycles are often less than those of Western nations as the average speeds are much slower.

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The only issues to worry about of course is the rider’s ability and level of safety. This goes for both intrinsic and external factors which can often be out of the control of motorcyclists.

Pricing will also be a determining factor of the ride sharing service’s success. Traditional moto taxis in the region negotiate their fares whilst UberMoto will work with a fixed booking fee of $0.38 with an additional $0.13 for every kilometre.

While traditional moto taxis negotiate their rates for each journey, UberMOTO has a set booking fee at $0.38, plus an additional $0.13 for each kilometre. Uber’s traditional rating service which will be in place should encourage safe riding practices.



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