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White Out Apartment Redefines Masculine Cool In Kiev

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Many wouldn’t classify white as their go to colour when it comes to a living space. Besides looking great for photos, the upkeep and caution required to maintain such a place often deters even the most ambitious of home owners.

Luckily, we have a place called Kiev in the Ukraine where people regularly throw interior design caution to the wind and dream up some of the most unique homes this side of the world. In this latest Kiev apartment, FORM Architectural Bureau have fitted out a 180 square-metre space with a dazzling array of organic textures and lashings of white. There’s so much white in fact that the grey tones stand out. Now that’s both cool and scary if you have children.

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The lounge forms the centrepiece for this elegant home where ceiling height has been toyed with to give the space a sunken seating feel on a marble floor. White pillows, exposed wood fire place and a silver ottoman are all that’s needed to offset the starkness of the apartment destined to be a conversation starter. Just don’t spill the wine.

Moving upstairs the rooms are adorned with the same level of whiteness with textures, different materials and a black contrast wall helping to break up the monotony. The bathroom could not be any more different though where it seems rustic living has been tested to the extreme.  Raw stone, chipped marble and weathered surfaces all add to the aesthetic appeal of this magnificent home made for the cool (and clean guy).


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