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The World’s First “Gamer Hotel” Is Now Open In Amsterdam

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“Thelonious Monk meets the Eames couple meets Marty McFly and they all have a drink with Captain Sparrow” – that’s how The Arcade Hotel describes itself and if that doesn’t pique your curiosity, you may want to consider an MRI.

Located in Amsterdam, this geek’s paradise has proudly snatched the title of “world’s first gamer hotel.” All rooms are kitted out with a retro console at no extra cost, and free games can be rented at reception from an extensive “menu.” Handheld consoles can be picked up in the lobby bar or, if you’re in a social mood, you can challenge other guests at the shared consoles also found in the lobby. When you need a break from battle, seek refuge in the comic book library.

If you think a gamer hotel sounds childish, The Arcade Hotel has other, more mature surprises up its sleeve. There’s free unlimited coffee and tea from the bar, and all guests are offered a free welcome drink (the alcoholic kind) upon arrival.The mid-century design is clean and sophisticated. The breakfast selection is top-notch. Other amenities include bike rental, a flower service, and a backyard terrace and garden.

Gentlemen, it’s time to brush up on your Need For Speed skills.

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