30 Ways To Rock Redhead & Ginger Hairstyle Inspirations

Redhead men get a lot of bad press. They’re called unsexy, undesirable and unattractive. They’re never the heartthrob, the hero or the action star. And let’s not go near that “gingers have no souls” nonsense. Anyone else getting really tired of this played-out narrative?

It’s time to close the perception gap between redheaded women and redheaded men. Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Damian Lewis and other flame-haired leading men (and let’s not forget about Prince Harry) are changing what it means to be a ginger gent. Suddenly they’re just as sexy as their darker-complexioned counterparts, appearing on runways and red carpets around the world. The day has come for tall, ginger and handsome.

Things You Need To Know

The world may finally be getting wise to the special sexiness of redheaded men, but the fiery shade still comes with some challenges.

Coarseness: Red hair is the coarsest hair colour, and its thickness makes it especially prone to moisture loss. The result is a propensity towards dryness and frizziness that must be fought with conditioner.

Baldness: Redheads also have a low number of hair follicles (although the coarse texture can make the hair look thicker). After blondes, they are the most likely to suffer baldness.

Skincare: Red hair means a fair complexion, and a fair complexion means increased risk from sun exposure. Never forget sunscreen (consider a daily moisturiser with the sunscreen built in) and always go easy on your epidermis. Redhead skin is often thinner, drier and more sensitive than other complexions, making it extra susceptible to razor burn and other irritations.

Our favourite red hairstyles: Michael Fassbender, Prince Harry,

And finally, what tips can we give for rocking red hairstyles?

One comes to mind above all: own it. Confidence is the most attractive thing you can wear, so embrace the freckles, embrace the pale skin, embrace the red-hot locks. Put yourself on the forefront of the movement and prove that ginger men are just as vibrant, bold and sexy as anyone else. If you need any extra inspiration, check out photographer Thomas Knights’ RED HOT exhibition and the gallery below.

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