Amazon Now Has An Emergency Condom Delivery Button

Amazon is making sure that you’ll never go without a condom again with their latest Dash Button program for contraceptive maker, Trojan.

Dash Button is a service offered to Amazon Prime subscribers for the purpose of replenishing regularly used items found in the common household or office. Currently the Dash Button program includes over one hundred brands under their product catalogue with things such as washing detergent, vitamin water and coffee pods.

As of March 31, Trojan will join this program which will see the internet-connected buttons be able deliver the rubbery goods direct to your door via Amazon Prime’s fast, free shipping. This cheeky new service will ensure that shy guys won’t ever have to walk into a chemist, drug store or grocer to pick up their contraceptive again (and that means no more bumping into Aunty Jack).

There’s word on the street that the Amazon Prime service will be launching in Australia alongside Jeremy Clarkson‘s new Amazon car show later this year.

In other words you’ll soon be getting Clarkson, Hammond and May along with a box of condoms. Winning. Watch the video to see how Amazon’s Dash Button works.

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