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You Can Now Buy Andy Warhol’s First NYC Studio For $10 Million


If you’d like to own a little piece of pop art’s history all you’ll need is a cool $10 million. The Upper East Side building that was Andy Warhol‘s first studio in the early 60’s has gone up for sale by New York real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.

The former firehouse is where Warhol created some of his Death and Disaster paintings, as well as iconic pop art portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a two-story, 5,000 square foot building that apparently dates from 1910 and is just a stone’s throw from Museum Mile.

The studio only cost Warhol $150 a month, but according to Artnet contributor Blake Gopnik, “it was a wreck, with leaks in the roof and holes in the floors, but it was better than trying to make serious paintings in the wood-paneled living-room of his Victorian townhouse, as he’d done for the previous couple of years.” The year Warhol left the firehouse, he had his first sculpture exhibition of iconic Brillo Boxes.

Coincidentally, the building is currently in use as an art storage facility and according to Cushman & Wakefield “offers a developer a blank canvass to create boutique condominiums, a mixed-use rental or a luxury townhouse.” If you love art and have a spare $10M lying around, this could be the investment for you.

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