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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [02.04.16]

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1 of 8|David Duchovny|David Duchovny is the cool old guy everyone wished was their friend. As the star of X-Files, Californication and Aquarius, he has more than proven his acting chops but it is his ongoing relationship with Gillian Anderson that gets people sentimental. Follow Duchovny through Hollywood the best way he knows how - with old guy charisma.
2 of 8|Alexandria Daddario|Alexandria Daddario (left) is about to hit the big time as one of the iconic babes of Baywatch. 1.2 million followers can’t be wrong. Keep up with Daddario’s training as she preps for the beach movie and gives us unprecedented access to her dogs.
3 of 8|Joel McHale|The Community actor and stand up comedian is a treat to follow as he ventures into his latest roles and the butt of every joke. Besides the occasional selfie with other celebrity powerhouses, McHale is normally snapping away at the weird things he encounters. Case in point, putting his face right next to a rattlesnake.
4 of 8|Justin Trudeau|Justin Trudeau is schooling the world in how to be a moderate and progressive leader. Even scarier is the fact that he lives next door to a country which is about to get Donald Trump as a leader. Regardless, here’s Trudeau showing his love for Star Trek after one of the classic actor’s passing. Keeping up with the Trudeaus should be the name of his Instagram.
5 of 8|Jason Momoa|Jason Momoa is a God. Well close enough. He played the next Conan, the role which made Arnie famous and he’s also been in Game of Thrones. The Hawaiian local with arms bigger than a tree stumps is in the current Batman v Superman film and will continue his superhero ways in the upcoming Aquaman. He also loves his mum and proves this with many selfies.
6 of 8|Sung Kang|Sung Kang is that Asian dude who played the cool Asian dude in the Fast & Furious franchise who dated Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). Outside of the world he’s still a cool Asian dude driving fast cars and having interviews with Jay Leno. Follow Kang on his greatest custom motoring adventures.
7 of 8|Jared Padalecki |As one half of the immortal Supernatural series, a show which has been hunting monsters and demons for more than a decade, Jared Padalecki has some serious dad swagger. He occasionally takes the piss out of his co-star whilst he’s asleep too. The bromance is strong in this Instagram account.
8 of 8|Michael Jai White|Michael Jai White is a martial artist and Hollywood actor known for his steely performance as the first African American actor to play a superhero, Spawn. Beyond that he’s been coaching young up and comers in the Never Back Down franchise and continues that fight in the next chapter as the main character. When one studio door closes, kick it down and walk through.

Kick off the weekend with some celebrity Instagram stalking. Really though, there’s actually kicking going on with Michael Jai White (guy who played Spawn) showing off his chops, the ladies doing their thing at the new Baywatch set, Mulder and Scully sharing us a family photo and the Canadian Prime Minister showing his geekier side.

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