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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See this Week [23.04.16]

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1 of 8|Mark Ruffalo|When The Hulk and Ironman get in the backseat together, the driver has to be worried. That's unless it's just their alter-egos Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. Follow Ruffalo to see behind the scenes action from his upcoming Marvel projects and general geeky antics with his science buddy.
2 of 8|James Franco|James Franco is one weird dude. When he's not taking naked selfies he can be found throwing back to his earlier fresh faced days with film pal Seth Rogen. Follow with caution.
3 of 8|Leonardo DiCaprio|Believe it or not, Leo actually has an Instagram account. It's mainly to promote his philanthropic endeavours though as opposed to yacht shots. Still, you'll find the occasional cool photo of DiCaprio fist bumping an Orangutan.
4 of 8|Aaron Paul|Aaron Paul has graduated just fine from Breaking Bad, finding himself in Coachella with singer Ellie Goulding and some model. Keep tabs on Paul if you're keen to see his star-studded updates and upcoming movie projects.
5 of 8|Angus Stone|The Australian musician is currently on tour around the world but he always makes time for a decent animal selfie. Keep a close eye in Stone if you're a fan of live gigs, scenery, art and sunsets.
6 of 8|Zooey Deschanel|Adorable oddball Zooey Deschanel is a fun person to follow. Besides set photos there's also the occasional black eye inflicted by cast members, hanging with Pharrell and general antics with the girls.
7 of 8|James Wan|The Australian horror film director gives us a behind the scenes look at his spookiest projects. Even just standing on his latest set for The Conjuring 2 look perilous. Hard to believe he did Fast and Furious 7. Follow Wan on his food adventures around the world.
8 of 8|Jamie Foxx|Foxx has been on a Snapchat rage of late and it appears he's posted every single video on his Instagram for people to laugh at. He also loves his Mercedes G-Wagon quite a lot. Follow Foxx to see his latest film premiere appearances and family snaps. He's pretty cool for a dad.

Get your weekend going with some cool celebrity action from the world’s most stalkable friends.

Aaron Paul is doing it right this week hanging with Ellie Goulding and some model at Coachella, whilst Mark Ruffalo has been bromancing it up with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Elsewhere in celebrity land James Franco has been throwing back with weed buddy Seth Rogen whilst Zooey Deschanel and Leo have been hanging out with the animals.

Finally we have Australian director James Wan, who takes photos from the set and still manages to make it look creepy as hell.

The best FOMO coming right up.


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