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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [30.04.16]

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1 of 8|Conan O'Brien|We have no idea what is going on here as well, but apparently the talk show king teamed up with Walking Dead actor Steven Yuen to join the ranks of K-Pop. We're not too sure what happened along the way but he looks like Julianne Moore.
2 of 8|Lenny Kravitz|Lenny Kravitz shows us the true meaning of music with a throwbacl to 1990 where he met John Lennon's brother. Simple, profound, timeless. This is the way of old music.
3 of 8|Michael B. Jordan|The Creed actor has been getting around in style and ever since the Academy Awards, he hasn't been able to leave the car with his initials emblazoned across it. We'd be smiling too. Follow Jordan for cool videos of him with Kobe Bryant.
4 of 8|Drake|No this is not Drake. It's his parents circa 1980. Follow Champagne Papi on his greates musical hip-hop adventures and endless memes as his new album drops.
5 of 8|Liam Hemsworth|Liam is a bit of an adventure dude like his older brother Chris. When he's not dog whispering you can find him diving and hanging out with Jeff Goldblum.
6 of 8|Lionel Ritchie|The old crooner has still got it. Follow Lionel as he tours the world sharing his travel snaps and encounters with the fellow celebrity elite. Wax Kevin Spacey included.
7 of 8|Ashton Kutcher|The actor and entrepreneur never stops and here he is wondering the cool streets with buddy in tow. Follow Ashton to stay up to date with his latest film projects as well as the endeavours in the tech world. He's a lot less weird than James Franco.
8 of 8|The Rock|Ah The Rock. Larger than life and living it up on the Baywatch set. Charlotte McKinney joings him on a jet ski with two other ladies who need a ride. Because Baywatch.

Celebrity Instagram time is all about stalking without getting arrested. In this week’s edition we’ve followed Conan O’Brien on his oddball trip to K-Pop land as well as The Rock with his Baywatch honeys.

Beyond that we visit a throwback of Drake before he was born as well as Lenny Kravitz jamming with Sean Lennon. Ashton and one half of the Hemsworth brothers also join this cool club of celebrity grammers.


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