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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [07.04.16]

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1 of 5|Aston Martin Snow Driving Program
2 of 5|Mercedes-Benz AMG GT RR
3 of 5|Mark Higgins Isle of Man Racer
4 of 5|Mazda RX-Vision
5 of 5|1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car

The world of awesome rides fires up again for another edition of this week’s best motoring news. Today we’re taking a closer look at Aston Martin’s new local snow driving program before we jet over to Japan where the beastly Mercedes-Benz AMG GT RR is being prepped for race duties. There’s also a bit of Mark Higgins action where the James Bond stunt driver will be chasing another big record on the Isle of Man. Sit tight.

#1 Aston Martin Fire Up Snow Driving Program In New Zealand

Australian fans of Aston Martin will be glad to hear that the dates for their local snow driving program have been locked in. New Zealand will be the testing bed for those who want to try their hand at driving a range of Aston Martin vehicles in sub-zero temperatures on unpredictable surfaces. Expert instructors will also be on hand to give lessons on car control and adaptive driving. The program runs from 22-28 August 2016 and is extremely limited. Those keen can register their interest at Aston Martin now.

#2 Watch The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT RR Fire Up

Deep in the caverns of Japan’s race garages hides a sinister machine bred from the labs of a German mad scientist. That beast is the Super GT prepped Mercedes-Benz AMG GT RR, devoid of sponsors and destined for racing duties in Japan’s premiere racing series. No more words need to be said. Turn up the volume and cry those tears of joy.

#3 Subaru Unveils Mark Higgins’ Isle Of Man Racer

For those who don’t know the name, Mark Higgins is a stunt driver for James Bond films and a part-time rally driver. He also famously almost crashed his Subaru when chasing the world record for Isle of Man on four wheels in an Impreza.

Well Higgins has returned to recapture the title and with that a brand new car prepared by UK’s Prodrive in partnership with Subaru Technica International. The goal? Under 19 minutes which no production car has been able to do to date. Watch the hairy moment of his most famous attempt below.

#4 Mazda Eyeing New Efficient Turbo Rotary Engine

Mazda didn’t disclose too much in terms of specs when they released the RX-Vision concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show to a resounding reception. Well now some smart cookie at Auto Evolution has gone along and found the patent filings from Mazda that reveals what the Japanese car maker is really up to with the next rotary-powered hero car.

It’s rather technical but basically Mazda want to see a brand new turbo rotary which can develop sufficient power without burning copious amounts of fuel, oil and EPA regulations. They’ve called the the ‘SkyActiv R’ program. If you’re a technical guy and have a spare hour, you can read the patents here.

#5 1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car Goes To Auction For Charity

Building a badass rally Porsche is one thing, but selling it off for cancer research is a true gentleman’s move. Nicknamed Luftauto, racer Patrick Long built this special 911 for rally duties back in the day. It’s extensively modified with thin off-road tyres (for digging into loose gravel), bull bars and rally lights whilst the 3.2-litre flat six sees some minor upgrades to get some grunt down low. You can watch the story behind Luftgekühlt below and put in your donation at RM Sothebys.




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