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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [14.04.16]

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1 of 5|Porsche 911R On Sale
2 of 5|Bentley Butler
3 of 5|Bugatti Chiron Delivery
4 of 5|Stirling Moss Aston Martin
5 of 5|Ford Focus RS RX

It’s almost the weekend and that means leaving the office behind in a plume of smoke as you lay some rubber onto the asphalt. To assist you on this audacious mission is news from Porsche’s “$1.25M” car, Bentley’s virtual reality butler and a Bugatti Chiron finding its first home in Monaco (where else?). This is the hottest motoring news of the week.

#1 Porsche 911R Up On eBay for $1.25M

The ballsy Porsche 911R debuted just months ago as one of the best cars of the Geneva Auto Show, but it appears some clown has jumped the gun and listed their soon-to-be-delivered 911R on eBay for a princely sum of US$1.25M. The unknown seller from Hamburg in Germany sure isn’t shy with that offer for a car that hasn’t been built yet, but that’s beside the point. Only 991 examples of the purist will roll out from the Porsche factory to lucky customers in July with a sticker price of a touch over $185,000. You can troll Franz with your best bid at the eBay auction here.

#2 Bentley Holographic Butler

The Brits over at Bentley are dreaming of some wild creature comforts for the future of their luxury cars. Such is the fact that their latest vision comes with a holographic butler which Bentley hopes will be active in about twenty years time. Called the “Future of Luxury”, the concept image is an official Bentley release and features designs headed by German designer Stefan Sielaff who has worked with Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen interiors for decades. We’re just waiting to see the hacks get to work in creating a Mario butler. Or Scarlett Johnasson butler.

#3 Bugatti Chiron Arrives In Monaco

One of the world’s fastest and most expensive cars has arrived in Monaco, ready to park itself in a new home in the Bugatti dealership. Though given Monaco’s reputation as a playground for the rich, it won’t be too long before we see this example rolling around town. Only 500 Chirons will be built at a selling price of US$2.6 million each. For that price, you’re getting an 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 though. It makes a lot of noise. See below if you don’t believe us.

#4 Sir Stirling Moss’ 1954 Aston Martin DB3S Goes To Auction

If you’ve got the dough to play with then perhaps invest in something that will only appreciate with time. This is Sir Stirling Moss’ Aston Martin DB3S from 1954, a car which is expected to fetch in the region of US$10 million under the hammer. For those who don’t know, Moss is a legendary British race car driver who contributed immensely to the world of motorsport. One of his favourite cars, the DB3S stands as only 11 working models in the world – this being one of them. If you’re keen for a piece of motoring history, head over to Bonhams now.

#5 Ken Block Unveils His Wild 2016 Rally Car

The king of viral videos has unleashed his Focus RS RX rally car to the world. The car’s livery is not boring to say the least and couyld even prove a dyslexic’s worst nightmare once in motion. That’s not to doubt the talent of artist Felipe Pantone who went to work on Block’s car. You can watch the car come to life in the cool video below.




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