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Cheap Monday Wants You To Swap Your Clothes For Store Vouchers


New season, new wardrobe. But what happens to last season’s jogger jeans and normcore castoffs? Well, if you’re a man who cares about the world in which he lives, you’ll swap them for store vouchers as part of Cheap Monday‘s new sustainability initiative.

Did you know that the U.S. alone throws away 11 million tonnes of clothing per year? Sounds like a waste, and a waste it is when it just sits there in our landfills, polluting the environment. To combat the clothing crisis, Swedish fashion label Cheap Monday are encouraging consumers to swap their old clothes for in-store shopping vouchers.

The C/O Cheap Monday project will see recycling bins set up in the brand’s stores in London, Copenhagen, Paris, Beijing and Shenyang this season. No matter what label your old duds bear, you can dispose of them in these bins and in return receive a discount voucher to redeem in store with your next purchase.

As part of the C/O Cheap Monday project, the label will also launch a capsule 500-piece limited-edition collection available in-store and online from October designed from old garments and recycled textiles, featuring unisex denim ‘tight’ jeans, a bomber jacket, t-shirts and sweats.

Cheap Monday aren’t the first to jump on the sustainability bandwagon. The brand’s parent Hennes & Mauriz AB (also known as H&M) already offers shoppers a coupon for every bag of clothing donated, which goes to local charity organizations.

Out with the old and in with the new with a clear conscience? Sounds good to us.



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