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This Is How Much Darth Vader’s Suit Costs


Skip the plastic discount shop costume, you can get your hands on a real Darth Vader costume for the next Comic Con or fancy dress party and it’ll only cost you a cool $18.3 million.

The Star Wars geeks over at Shade Station have spent perhaps a little too much time working out how much Darth Vader’s suit would cost in real life and here’s how it got broken down:


Augmented Reality – $600,000
Vader’s helmet had augmented reality functionality similar to the mounted display of the F-35’s helmet. Mimicking the functionality would provide night vision, navigational capability, and advanced targeting.

Prosthetic Legs & Left Arm – $140,000 for the legs, $40,000 for the left arm

In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker has his legs and left arm cut off in a fight with Obi Wan Kenobi. Top-of-the-line prosthetics would be needed.

Prosthetic Maintenance – $5.4 million for all 3 prosthetics

The lifetime cost of medical bills and maintenance for high-end prosthetics can be as high as $1.8 million.

Base Suit – $12 million

Imperial space fighter cockpits are not pressurised so Vader’s suit would have to be airtight, able to withstand exposure to space and similar to a NASA space suit.

Breathing – $45,000


While Vader’s mechanical breathing is an iconic part of his character there’s likely to be a heart nad lung machine built into the suit.

Voice – $1,000

An inbuilt high-end voice synthesiser would be required to achieve Vader’s modified voice.

Seems quite simple right? Start saving kids.


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