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Here’s The Crazy Cost To Make One Episode Of Game Of Thrones


Clearly, the business of CGI baby dragons and carefully constructed medieval sex scenes is worth big bucks, or it is at least for Game of Thrones. Apparently, the more we lust over Emilia Clarke, the more expensive each Game of Thrones episode gets.

According to a recent story in Entertainment Weekly, for season six of Game of Thrones HBO was splashing an average of $10 million cash per episode, which has grown from $6 million a few years ago. If there are 10 episodes this season, it means HBO will be spending $100 million on this year’s Game of Thrones offering.

Where is all that money going, exactly? Apparently, it’s most likely going to one of the largest and most epic battle scenes that any TV show has ever attempted, involving hundreds of human (not CGI) soldiers on the battlefield.

Game of Thrones isn’t the only show paying up per episode, either. The final season of Friends reportedly cost $10 million per episode (plus the $1 million paycheck per episode to each of the show’s six cast members). We’re assuming it’s a case of spending money to make money.

[via TIME]


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