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Delamain Cognac Marks Its Grand Resurgence In Australia

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Delamain might be a lesser known name in the established Cognac circles but that could soon change as local demand for the finest blend of XO Cognac surges.

Following in the footsteps of a global market, purveyors of fine spirits are recognising the true merits of boutique labels such as Delamain, with Cognac outstripping Champagne exports 170 million bottles to 150 million bottles in 2015 alone.

In Australia, the insatiable taste of XO Cognac has lead to an import surge of seven fold from 2,700 cases in 2009 to a staggering 21,000 cases in 2015. That means Australia now sits as the 7th best market for XO Cognac makers, a milestone previously never seen by the industry before.


Given this significant growth, it’s important to know which Cognac brands are doing the good work to bring some of the most complex, rare and intricate tastes to the consumer. Delamain is one of these highly esteemed labels who recently dropped by Australia to showcase their latest blends.

Headed by Olivier Jadeau, Delamain’s charismatic Export Manager, we were recently shown the beautifully crafted spirits which will grace Australia’s fine wine merchants, luxury restaurants and bars, including Sydney’s Riley Street Garage where the special blends were presented.

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The winning qualities of Delamain’s range comes in six distinctive blends: Pale & Dry (AU$155), Vesper (AU$195), Extra (AU$400), Tres Venerable (AU$410), 1966 (AU$850) and 1976 (AU$655). As Jadeau explains, the firm is a boutique Cognac maker hence their focus is solely on being flexible with acquiring the finest Grande Champagne from across the region to concoct the rich palate of Delamain blends.

On top of this, the XO designation of Cognac requires the youngest of spirits to be at least six years old before Delamain embark on the lengthy maturing process. As a result, their youngest XO blends stands at 25-years-old whilst their oldest and most exclusive, Tres Venerable, comprises of elements that are up to 55-years-old.

To mark Australia’s strong global position in the XO Cognac market, Delamain will be bringing two special and vintage blends into the country. A 50-year-old Cognac harvested in 1966 from a vineyard in Saint Fort sur-le Ne alongside a 40-year-old blend harvested in 1976 from a vineyard in Verrieres.

Only 220 bottles of the 1966 and 260 bottles of the 1976 will be made available around the world with 12 bottles of each heading to Australia.

Head over to Delamain to find out more.



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