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D’Marge Reader Survey 2016: Inside The Mind Of The Modern Australian Man

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We’re almost halfway through 2016, already. That means plenty of trashed New Year’s resolutions, mid-year restlessness and another chance to understand what makes yourself, the modern Australian man, tick.

Earlier this year we asked for your help to better understand our readers, improve our content offering and make D’Marge the best men’s online fashion publication it can be by completing our annual D’Marge Reader Survey.

With over 1,200 Aussie male respondents between the ages of 18 and 44 answering questions on everything from health, to love, style and current social issues, the results were interesting, to say the least. Here are the highlights:


Macho, Macho Male Feminists

2016 is a year that evidently marks a more open-minded and perhaps feminist movement in male culture:

  • Despite the social constructs, 75% of respondents don’t feel pressure to conform to macho or masculine stereotypes
  • Reflecting a modern mindset, almost 100% of Australian men said that their best mate coming out as gay wouldn’t have a negative effect on a friendship
  • Over 80% of respondents believe domestic violence is a major problem in our country
  • The fight for equality continues with over 95% of Australian men believing men and women should be paid equally
  • However, over half of respondents believe that the expectations placed on men to succeed outweigh those placed on women
  • So what is the ultimate ‘status symbol’ to men? 43% believe it’s a high paying job and 21% believe it’s a successful partner

Dating In The Digital Age

Whether you’re swiping left, right, or sitting it out, Australian men are on the fence when it comes to meeting a lover online:

  • Over half of Australian men think stalking (researching) a potential love interest on social media is a big no-no
  • Australian men are divided when it comes to online dating, with around 50% loving it, and 50% believing that it bears a stigma
  • Even though plenty are keen to give it a go, 53% wouldn’t expect to meet a long-term partner online
  • When it comes to dating etiquette, 37% of Australian dating hopefuls would respond to a text immediately, 31% would wait half an hour and 20% would wait 1-3 hours…. Play it cool, brother

Romance Isn’t Dead

Some may argue that the institution of marriage is outdated, but Australian men are clearly keen on finding marital bliss:

  • Australian men are a bunch of romantics, with 81% of respondents saying they believe in the institution of marriage

The Greatest Wealth Is Health, Or Is It?

Keeping fit and active, and keeping the Black Dog at bay is a priority for Australian men, but getting a check-up at the Docs is not:

  • Just over half of Australian men claim to exercise 2-4 days a week
  • Shockingly, only half head to the doctors for regular health checks for cancers, STIs and other illnesses
  • Thankfully, 97% of Australian men think it’s acceptable to reach if suffering from mental illness

Style Is Skin Deep

From cosmetic enhancement to skin care products, Australian men aren’t afraid to splash cash to look their best:

  • 1% of Australian men claim to be pretty damn happy with their personal appearance and style
  • 60% believe going under the knife for the pursuit of perfection is nowadays acceptable
  • 90% of men would amp up their grooming routine and purchase male beauty products in the next 6 months


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