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Eerie Landscapes Become Artworks At Night With Drone LED Illumination

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Everything looks better in the dark, even eerie towering rock formations. With the aim to bring the alien mystique of planetary exploration to our own world, photographer Reuben Wu has dramatically illuminated landscapes at night with drones rigged with LED lights, making for some pretty magnificent results.

“My aim is to portray a unique perspective of the planet we live on by illuminating night landscapes with an aerial LED light,” said Wu. “Scenes which show not only the beauty of the landscape but also the versatility and awesomeness of adapting new technology to create art.

Wu used a prototype AL250 light by Fiilex mounted on a 3DR Solo UAV for the series, named “Lux Noctis” which was influenced by a confluence of 19th century romantic painting and science fiction which is expressed in the dramatic ways each drone lights the earthen subjects from above. See more on Reuben’s Instagram.


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