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An Elegant Ranch House For The Modern Mountain Man

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Located outside Park City, Utah (home of the Sundance Film Festival) this sophisticated take on the ranch house was designed by Studio McGee in 2016.

The design firm’s signature bright and clean aesthetic is on full display. The space is crisp, polished, and high-end – not words that usually come to mind for a rural home, but undeniably the right words here. In Studio McGee’s capable hands, the contemporary design doesn’t feel cold. It’s warm, welcoming, and livable – a delicate balance between rustic and urban, with stylish elements borrowed from both modes.

In keeping with its country locale, the ranch house includes details like animal hide chairs, wall-mounted antlers, and artfully stored wood for the fireplace. The exterior is a mix of reclaimed trestlewood, stone, steel, and copper. The garage opens up to groomed snowmobile trails, acres of wide open space, and no shortage of local wildlife.

A home like that could easily veer into country camp territory, but to ensure it doesn’t, Studio McGee incorporates streamlined, luxe touches. Think gold hardware, pillows with contemporary patterns, and a largely black and white colour scheme. Stock up on plaid and start growing out your beard. This could be the perfect modern mountain man residence.

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