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Kick Back & Relax In This Sexy Seattle Floating Sauna

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There’s nothing quite like blowing off some steam and treating your body to the heat of a sauna, but how about whilst floating in the middle of a lake? Funded by a Kickstarter, this sauna is offering relaxation mid-float on Lake Union in Seattle.

goCstudio Architecture and Design are the brains behind the floating sauna sits upon a deck framed in aluminium and clad in marine-grade plywood while the sauna itself is covered in treated plywood with an ebony stain and line don the inside with spruce, also used to create benches within.

The sauna’s ladder provides rooftop diving opportunities and an electric trolling motor means the over 2,000 kg structure can sail across the lake. 435 backers pledged $43,725 to help bring the floating sauna to life, which is aiming for a launch this year.



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