The Playbook For The Modern Man

Artist Illustrates The Private Lives Of Batman, Superman And Wonderwoman

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Caped crusading and busting bad guys is no walk in the park. Even superheroes have to exercise and eat healthy in order to remain fighting fit, as seen in these illustrations from Fulvio Obregon.

The Colombian artist was tapped by Plenish Cleanse to imagine what the lives of Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman look like behind the scenes. Maintaining a superhero physique is no easy feat. The “Juice-tice League” are shown making green smoothies, practicing yoga, clocking in time on the stationary bike, and even experimenting with cupping therapy.

What makes the images especially charming is Obregon’s attention to detail. Wonderwoman wears Lululemon, Batman sports Spongebob Squarepants boxers, and Superman cooks in a meme-tastic “Do you even lift bro?” tee. The books, magazines, newspapers, and artwork that set the scene are also cheeky touches. Can you spot all the hidden details?



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The playbook for the modern man

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