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Revolutionary Face-Tracking Camera Drone Will Make Selfies Obsolete

Brace yourselves. Selfies, as the human race knows it, will soon be a thing of the past.

The Hover Camera is a zany new creation which automatically hovers in front of you when released by a user. Unlike conventional camera drones out there, all it takes is a push of the power button and the Hover Camera is off on its way, balancing perfectly in front of your face to take photos.

Once stabilised, the lightweight device can take on a host of functions like capturing 13-megapixel photos and 4K video. Even cooler is that the device has in-built auto follow which can track faces and bodies before rotating to capture the perfectly stabilised image or footage.

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Operation is extremely easy through an iOS or Android app with the only downfall being an eight minute flight time. The team at Zero Zero Robotics who developed the drone will continue to work on this as battery technology becomes more prevalent.


For now the Hover Camera is still a concept but those parties interested in building the next Skynet can join their beta program. That means they’ll happily send you one if they approve of your cause – the apocalypse and gun-wielding drones that follow people is likely not one of them.


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