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The Beginner’s Guide To Dealing With Unwanted Body Hair

To manscape or not to manscape? That is the question.

There are certain kinds of hair we can all get behind. Beard? Trendy. Chest? Manly. Legs and arms? Natural. A little weed-whacking may be needed to keep things under control, but full-scale removal is unnecessary unless you’re into it.

Then there’s the undesirable body hair. Big Foot isn’t a good look unless you’re Big Foot (then again, maybe he’s so shy about public appearances because he’s embarrassed by his woolly outerwear). Some body hair can stay as long as there’s regular upkeep, while other kinds earn a resounding “hell no” 100% of the time.


What’s a well-groomed man to do? As a different Daft Punk may have said, “Shave it, wax it, pluck it, trim it.” Below we’ll tell you how to deal with unwanted body hair with your masculinity intact.

Ear Hair


No man wants Brillo-like plumage bursting out of his ears. The old-faithful analog remedy is a simple trim. Invest in a pair of small grooming scissors and a magnifying mirror that can help you get a closer look. Prune what you can see protruding, but don’t go overboard. If the offending follicles are located deeper in your ear, it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. Invest in a trimmer designed specifically for the task or an electric razor that has an attachment shaped for the ears and nose.

Nose Hair


Treat nose hair as you would hair in the ears. Try a simple scissor trim first, and if the snip doesn’t do the trick, opt for an electric trimmer instead. If you’re still having trouble keeping your beak bristles in check, enlist the help of a professional. A brave barber or pro waxer (yes, you can wax your nose and ears if you’re tough enough) can tame your cranial fuzz. For a more permanent solution, look into laser hair removal.



The rule of thumb when grooming your brows is ‘less is more.’ You’ll want to eliminate individual hairs that are too long and disrupt your eyebrow’s natural shape, as well as any wiry, rogue shorties that refuse to get in line. Anything giving you a unibrow is also fair game. To get a style that’s tidy but still masculine, start by brushing your brows up with an old toothbrush. Using a small scissor, shear anything that extends above your eyebrow hairline. Only snip small amounts at a time and check your work in between to ensure it’s not overdone. Strays can be plucked out with tweezers.

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Back Hair


If your back resembles your living room carpet, man-maintenance is a must. For the DIY guy, shaving is the removal method of choice. Trim first if the hair is long and select a razor with a sharp, strong blade – back hair is thicker than hair elsewhere. Contorting into the necessary position to shave your own back may not be an option for every man. In that case, or if you want longer-lasting results, bite the bullet and go for a wax. Electrolysis and laser hair removal can nix the fur for good.

Hair Below The Belt


And now for the final frontier. Shaving down south is a delicate task, so proceed with caution. Don’t skimp on a high-quality shaving cream and fresh blade. Go slow (better safe than sorry) and don’t attempt anything ornate. The only styles you need to know are short, shorter, and gone. If all you want is a quick clean-up, a pair of scissors or electric trimmer will suffice. Or maybe you want the nuclear option. If you’re pain-proof enough to attempt the bro-zilian, do not do it at home. See a professional waxer who knows how to perform the procedure to guarantee smooth (pun intended) sailing. Otherwise you can see what tools you’ll need for a successful home grooming job right here.


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