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6 Easy Ways To Deal With Embarrassing Sweat Issues

The mighty wrath of perspiration. All men have experienced it and given that the average man sweats more than the fairer sex, they tend to encounter more unwanted attention from it on an everyday basis. So whether it be via an unwanted smell, unsightly sweat patches or the dreaded clammy handshake, all is solvable in this conundrum of drippy proportions.

Behold, our six step guide to solving your most embarrassing sweat issues.

#1 The Sweaty Handshake


Ah, the clammy hands. There’s no worse time to get sweaty palms than when you have to shake hands with a potential employer. And yet, here you are, about to smother your future boss’ hand in sweat. Don’t sweat it, there’s a few remedies and it doesn’t involve cutting off your hands. Talcum powder is your friend when it comes to light hand sweaters. Simply rub some over your palms to leave behind a smooth finish that isn’t too noticeable (unless you get it on your clothes). If you’re short of talcum, hit up some corn starch or baking soda instead. Other things to try includes soaking your hands in tea which has tannis in it, a property which can reduce the size of your pores hence reducing the sweating.

#2 The Sweaty Bum


Ever gotten off a train seat for a fellow elderly only to leave behind a massive imprint of your ass? It happens to the best of us. To prevent this rather embarrassing situation, avoid wearing heat insulating garments that’ll cause you to retain heat down there. There’s also a golden rule that goes something like tight underwear and loose pants. We’d just keep it to cotton and less polyester. Another unknown fact might be cutting down on the coffee as the caffeine in it stimulates the central nervous system, thus causing your sweat glands to activate.

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#3 The Sweaty Chest & Back


The gym junkies will feel this one most. And those who love pastel coloured shirts too. Given the chest and back’s proximity to vital organs which continually generate heat, it’s one of the most prone areas of the human body to generate sweat. The non-surgical remedies though aren’t as hard as you think. Whilst antiperspirant spray is good for underarms, feel free to spray some across your chest and back as well. The aluminum chloride hexahydrate in the deodorants will clog pores on your skin to help reduce the sweating. The other alternative of course is light talcum powder and wearing natural fibre clothing with good breathability.

#4 Sweaty Face


Someone has to look at that pretty head all day so it’s best to keep it dry. Especially if you work in the courts of justice. Much like the sweaty bum, watch what you’re eating or drinking which could contain things like caffeine that’s stimulating your sweat glands on your face. If it’s already happening, splash ice cold water on your face and wipe it down with a cool towel. Coldness is said to reduce the size of your pores so this is a very easy win.

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#5 The Nether Regions


Now we’re going to go right ahead and say you don’t want to be spraying deodorant onto your nuts incase you have an allergic reaction and it leaves a nasty rash. Talcum powder can work in this instance if that’s all you have, but given the sensitivity of the area, we’d recommend going for more dedicated remedies such as Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder which is safe to use and has a hint of menthol for a cooler sensation. You can even try Fresh Balls lotion which keeps the moistness at bay and leaves a very pleasant smell behind.

#6 Sweaty Feet


Sweaty feet are probably the most neglected area when it comes to embarrassing sweat situations. There will be a day though where one will have to go to a Japanese restaurant for a meeting only to be greeted with a sign that says ‘shoes off’. Now who’s laughing. Well hopefully you if you play your cards right. Excessive foot sweat is a condition called hyperhidrosis.

To remedy this, simply go for cotton socks which has better wicking properties than polyester based garments. The other measures are simply preventative such as washing your feet everyday with anti-bacterial soap, using talcum powder or deodorant where necessary or, the most important, not wearing the same pair of shoes every day. Alternate them as sweat soaked into the sole takes time to aerate and dry out.



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