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An Modern Industrial Loft Made For The Single Man

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Sao Paulo, Brazil has some of the world’s most breathtaking views under its belt but with the addition of an industrial loft, it’s about to become a designer living haven for the ultimate bachelor.

Diego Revollo Architecture took care of the home’s design with masculine touches across spread across the off-painted white bricks. Given the smaller quarters, the main living space is open to the kitchen to create a seamless space with a wooden dining table extending from the countertop.

The kitchen itself is inspired by restaurants, sporting stainless steel tops and appliances throughout. For natural lighting there’s a wall of windows which fills the space with natural light. Black metal stairs, exposed beams and pipes add a further dose masculinity and character to the space. There’s also dashes of colour added in to ensure the home doesn’t lose its exuberance.

The lofted bedroom sits above the kitchen which is where bachelor living comes in on its own. The cool bedroom features an exposed closet for suits as well as an entertainment console. Beside the closet is a chic bathroom with an exposed vanity and bath.

To wrap things up, the bed’s headboard features a custom designed and made ebonized Sucupira.

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