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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [26.04.16]

Another long weekend has passed us by in the blink of an eye and all we’re left with are mind numbing ANZAC day hangovers and a terrifying sense of loss and confusion.

Toughen up, kids. We can’t offer you your mum’s cuddles, but we can soothe your back-to-work blues with 5 pointless and awesome facts and some much needed procrastination. Read on.

#1 The Ways A Hangover Affects Your Body


If you’re suffering through a nasty two-up and cheap beer-induced hangover today after the ANZAC day long weekend, we are here to explain exactly why you’re feeling so dusty at your desk, via Refinery29.

SLEEP: Your natural sleep rhythm is disturbed when you hit the pub so you won’t wake up rested and if you suffer from insomnia already, drinking only makes it worse with frequent night-waking.

GASTROINTESTINAL EFFECTS: Alcohol inflames your stomach lining and causes you to produce extra stomach acid resulting in either a nasty chunder, stomachache or the dehydrating effects of alcohol leading to the squits. Nice.

DEHYDRATION: Dehydration is the devil during a hangover. Alcohol has a diuretic effect meaning plenty of trips to the little boys’ room and a dry mouth, thirst, dizziness and a headache the morning after.

LOW BLOOD SUGAR: As your body attempts to excrete alcohol, your blood sugar drops causing fatigue and weakness.

Now you’re feeling a reasonable amount of hungover remorse, jump on that H20.

#2 Things You Never Knew About SpaceX


Billionaire mastermind Elon Musk is a man of many talents. In the 14 years since he founded SpaceX, the entrepreneur now employs nearly 5,000 people, has earned exclusive contracts with NASA, has made tentative plans to get us to Mars, schlepped cargo to the International Space Station and achieved some groundbreaking launches and landings. But we bet you didn’t know these things about Musk and his company, via Thrillist.

  1. Elon Musk taught himself rocket science: According to SpaceX’s former VP of business development Jim Cantrell, Musk came up with many of the company’s most groundbreaking ideas just by reading a couple of textbooks.
  2. SpaceX nearly ruined Tesla: In 2008, Tesla was haemorrhaging money and there still wasn’t a car to show for it. Musk was pouring most of his personal wealth into SpaceX but luckily, in the 11th hour he was able to round up enough financing from friends to keep Tesla afloat.
  3. The company won’t go public until it successfully gets to Mars: Musk has come out publicly saying the company will hold off on any potential IPO until after the Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly, because he doesn’t want the money-grubbing hands of a private equity firm hampering long-term plans by pushing for short-term payoffs.
  4. The plans to reach Mars could be revealed this year: It’s rumoured that Musk intends to unveil the company’s grand plans at the International Astronautical Conference in September of this year.
  5. Musk’s rockets and spacecrafts all have cheeky names: SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is a reference to the Peter, Paul and Mary hit “Puff, the Magic Dragon” as a f***k you to critics who consider Musk’s grand plans impossible.

#3 How Bad Is It To Go To Sleep On A Full Stomach?


We all know hitting up the calorie intake during too much late night Netflix and chilling isn’t the best idea for your body and overall health, but just how bad is it for you?

According to Prevention, experts have uncovered a lot about the relationship between sleep and weight in recent years and an increasing amount of evidence suggests that your body knows when it’s supposed to be awake and getting food, and when it’s supposed to be asleep and not consuming any food.

“The enzymes involved in fatty acid oxidation, they’re highly circadian. They know when they’re supposed to be metabolising glucose,” says Kristen Eckel-Mahan, PhD, who studies sleep and metabolism at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Late at night, metabolic organs like your liver aren’t prepared to deal with an influx of nutrients, so they process them less efficiently, spelling problems for your insulin and bloody sugar levels, and ultimately prompting your body to store more fat.

Findings show that people who regularly eat later, like night-shift workers, tend to have higher waist circumferences and BMIs, compared with people who eat on a more conventional schedule. So stay away from the late night pizza binges or risk clocking up the kilos.

#4 What A Starbucks Latte Costs In 30 Different Countries


Ah, Starbucks. Loved by time-poor caffeine addicts who don’t mind a barista spelling their name wrong and detested by pretentious coffee hipsters around the world. If you are partial to a mocha Frappucino, though, how much would it cost you on a trip around the world? Thrillist did the hard work for us and found the most and least expensive Starbucks lattes around the world.

Zurich, Switzerland: $9.02 AUD
Hong Kong: $6.66 AUD
Amsterdam, Netherlands: $6.40 AUD
Sydney, Australia: $5.16 AUD
Buenos Aires, Argentina: $3.88 AUD
Rio de Janeiro: $1.93 AUD

#5 The World’s Most Powerful People


We’re almost halfway through 2016 which means lists of the world’s most influential, richest, and downright impressive people are popping up left, right and centre. When it comes to power, though, there are definitely some curveballs. Here are the top 10 from Forbes most recent list of the world’s most powerful people.

  1. Vladimir Putin
  2. Angela Merkel
  3. Barack Obama
  4. Pope Francis
  5. Xi Jinping
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Janet Yellen
  8. David Cameron
  9. Narendra Modi
  10. Larry Page


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