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The 5 iPhone Apps That Are Chewing Through Your Data

It’s never a nice feeling when you receive that text message from your provider that says “hey mate, you’ve ripped through 99% of your data allowance this month and you’ve still got 25 days left until we sort you out with some more GB’s and start this vicious cycle over again.”

Sure, an extra $10 for every GB you go over doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re using and abusing your phone’s data, $10 can quickly become $30, $40 or $50 extra you’re paying a month. So, we’re here to intervene, fix the root cause and turn your phone bill into beer money with a rundown of the 5 iPhone apps that are chewing through your data like it’s nobody’s business.

#1 Social Media


Think having the odd scroll on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter a couple of times a day is harmless? Think again. According to an online Visual Networking Index Services Gauge Tool, just 1 hour of social media browsing over a cellular network can work its way through 90MB of data.

That’s almost double the amount of data a music streaming service, like Spotify, would use up for the same time period. Limit your Insta-stalking to just 1 hour per week? That’ll only set you back a refreshing 2.7GB a month.

#2 Video Content


Just how many hilarious cat videos does it take to obliterate your monthly data allowances? Well, it might not those short Facebook clips that are doing the damage, but video-on-demand streaming services, like Netflix, use about 1GB of data per hour when watching standard definition video. Switch to HD and you’re giving away 3GB per hour.

If you’re delving into the black hole of YouTube, the website will automatically adjust its streaming quality depending on your connection although you can manually switch it, so keep it grainy if you want to save those GBs.

#3 Music Streaming


Catching up on Bieber‘s latest bangers is costing you far more than your masculinity, it’s depleting your GBs with every Diplo drop.

Despite music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music only using roughly 50MB per hour, you’ll still be giving up around 1.3GB of data per month if you stream for more than 1 hour per day. Opt for higher quality streams and you will bump that up to 144MB per hour, or 4.32GB per month.

#4 Maps


Hungover, dehydrated, disorientated and lost in the middle of nowhere, the maps app on your phone is your best friend but if you’ve been trying to cut down on the GBs then searching for the nearest bar to get your hair of the dog fix might not be the best idea.

Travelling new routes will often see your app continuously loading map info onto your device, which can use up to 1MB a minute. Use your map on a 10-day bender for 10 minutes per day and you’ll eat up a whopping 100MB.

#5 Browsing The Web


This might seem like an obvious way to blow up your data allowance, but it does depend on what sites you’re browsing.

Rich sites will use lots of data, while text-based ones are much safer *wink wink*. As a general rule, however, internet browsing will use 20MB per hour.




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