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How To Make Space On Your iPhone Without Trashing Photos Or Music

iphone storage hacks

As Apple continue to downsize our devices with each new update we lose more and more space to store our music, photos and miscellaneous digital junk. Without an option to add an SD card, when that space gone, it’s gone and all you’re left with is annoying notifications reminding you to start culling.

However, one clever Reddit user has discovered a way to ‘spring clean’ your iPhone to free up space without having to delete photos or uninstall apps. “I have an iPhone with 16GB so I’m always dealing with low storage,” Reddit user eavesdroppingyou said on the original post. “A trick I do to get back some storage is to try to ‘rent’ a movie with a big file size.”

Apparently, it works when you attempt to rent a movie from iTunes that is larger than the amount of storage left on the iPhone or iPad. A prompt will appear saying there’s not enough storage left to rent the selection, but by tapping ‘Settings’ in the prompt, you’ll be taken to the Settings menu where the amount of storage available on the device will have miraculously increased.

It works because to try and make room for the movie, the iPhone cleans installed apps to remove data, cookies and histories that are no longer needed. You can even try to rent multiple movies to free up even more space and by waiting a little longer to tap ‘Settings’ in the prompt, the clean-up process will run for longer.

You can check your current used and available storage space by going to Settings, General and Storage and iCloud Usage.

[via Daily Mail]




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