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6 Manly Lessons To Learn From The Movies

Fact: Every Hollywood flick has a unique lesson to tell. Fact: Most audiences overlook these underlying life lessons imparted due to them being completely enamoured by an intriguing story arc (or gnarly explosion). Luckily, we’re a bunch of movie fiends here at D’Marge and have pooled our resources into doing the good work.

Behold, the six vital life lessons taken from some of this half century’s greatest films.

#1 Crazy Stupid Love

“Let’s get out of here.”

Let’s face it, Ryan Gosling owned the role in the hugely popular rom-com known as Crazy Stupid Love. Besides his iconic scene featuring rippling abs which looked photoshopped, Gosling also portrayed the modern archetype of a Casanova hustling his way through L.A’s flashy bar scene with his older protege (Steve Carrell) in tow.

More importantly, Gosling’s character mastered the art of ‘Let’s get out of here’, a punchline used to wrap up his faultless rapport with women whom hung by his every word and killer charm. One could argue that it’s fake, but no one can deny Gosling’s impeccable wardrobe during these missions. Watch and learn.


#2 Top Gun

“Never leave your wingman.”

It took Maverick a while, but eventually he got there and he didn’t leave his wingman in one of the most daunting dogfights to ever be captured on film. The cardinal rule to take away here? Don’t be a dickhead by leaving a mate behind during a dire situation. It might be the hairiest predicament you’ve ever encountered. It might be your best friend being stood up at the altar. Heck he might even be going in for the snip. You never leave your wingman unless you want his untimely demise to forever be a stain on your conscience. Or worse, he ends up having to sleep on your couch for months to recover psychologically.

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#3 Lord Of The Flies

“We can’t go on acting like kids. We have to be sensible and make things work.”

These were the last wise words spoken by Piggy before a fellow stranded colleague pushed a boulder onto his head. The moral here? All of us share the same home until the day that interplanetary space travel becomes feasible. Ongoing conflict amongst countries is a deadly cycle that will get the human race nowhere. Don’t be a child. Make it work because you need to, not because you want to.

#4 Commando

“Remember Sully, when I promised I was going to kill you last? I lied.”

As far as Arnie one-liners go, this one is as profound as it gets. Life isn’t always a box of damn chocolates. You’ll be disappointed by loved ones, walked on by friends and often lied to over your lifetime. The inevitable cannot be fought though, just weathered. So take it as a precautionary tale on how to choose your friends wisely and accept the fact that 60% of humans lie every 10 minutes.

#5 Friends With Benefits

“Everybody wants a shortcut in life. My guidebook is very simple…”

Woody Harrelson is known for many gems over the years. Giving some damn good life advice can now be added to that list as he schools Justin Timberlake’s character in Friends With Benefits. The underlying message: There are no shortcuts in life, there is no grey zone; just crystal clear goals set by numero uno.

#6 One Eight Seven

“Macho is bullshit.”

Samuel L. Jackson starred in one of the most underrated films of the 90s. In One Eight Seven, he played an embattled teacher suffering the psychological effects of an attack on him by a previous student. At the new school, he encounters the same type of unruly characters and begins his own purge or “academic cleansing”. The final scene is where the reality and brutality of his job comes to a head – student vs teacher in a deadly game of Russian Roulette. The fatal bullet carries a powerful message that all men should comprehend for a better world – “Macho is bullshit”.


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