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Madrid Apartment For The Modern Bookworm

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The modern reading man possesses many unique facets. Intelligent, comfort-seeking, patient. A spacious home in Madrid, Spain, has been specifically built to satisfy these very virtues.

Designed by Egue Y Seta to accommodate a young family, the space is defined by a floor to ceiling book shelf which has a top section accessible via a fixed hammock. The rest of the space is offset with a wrap-around staircase with matching rails and foundation props leading into a glorious lounge area with even more book shelves.

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Natural lighting and cool art deco pieces combine to form an inspiring creative space that’ll satisfy any creative hunger. The special feature to this home is its eclectic theme which doesn’t follow any strict guidelines, making it a more relaxing experience.

A washed Chesterfield lounge is definitely the star piece of this home. In a close second comes the bathrooms which are split between modern chic and vintage suave. Again, there’s no playing by the rules here and that’s what makes it an appealing spot for the creative man.


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The playbook for the modern man

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