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Michael Keaton Plays McDonald’s Creator In The Founder

Biting into the world’s most famous burger often garners many questions: How much of this is actually beef? Why is the Big Mac not so big? And, who created this bloody thing?

Michael Keaton is looking to answer all of those questions in the upcoming film, The Founder, which looks at the early life of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and the rise of the multi-billion dollar corporation.
From the trailer it appears to be an intriguing story as it depicts Kroc as a struggling 52-year-old milkshake machine salesman before he encounters Mac and Dick McDonald, the owners of a humble little fast-food stand in Southern California.

The rest as they would say became history with a ruthless Kroc pulling numerous lucrative business deals to lay the foundation for what the globally recognised restaurant is today.

The Founder will hit cinemas on August 5 2016.


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