Step Inside The World's Only Michelin Starred Ramen Shop

The business of ramen is hotly contested around the world today but only one can lay claim to the highest order of food excellence – the coveted Michelin star.

Tsuta is a tiny nine-seater restaurant located in the heart of Tokyo which achieved a Michelin Star in 2015 for their pioneering endeavours in the culinary art of Japanese noodle making. As we reported late last year, the small eatery dishes up some seriously mean ramen which range from just $9.50 to $13.30 a pop. Combines with its now international reputation, getting a seat is near impossible.

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Tsuta’s flavours include original blends such as rosemary-flavoured barbecued pork and as this new video shows, black truffle ramen. Our hosts are of course ramen aficionados in the form of ramen shop owner, Tosao van Coevorden and his friend Joao who hail from and have ventured all the way to Japan to see if the claims are indeed true.

Watch on to see the most delectable concoction of soup and wheat known to man come to life.

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