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Step Inside The World’s Most Narrow Home

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Those who complain about their tiny living quarters have never set foot in the Keret House in Poland, a.k.a the world’s narrowest home.

Born from the mind of Jakub Szczesny of design firm CENTRALA, the house was completed in partnership with with the help of the Polish Modern Art Foundation. What’s more intriguing though is the fact that the “land” it was built on used to be just a tight gap between two buildings where people dumped their rubbish. Gross. And ridiculously cool.

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Once it was all cleaned up, the home began construction between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The finished result? A claustrophobic living space that spans just 122cm at its widest and a shocking 92cm at its narrowest. Those keen for a stay will be glad to know that the space is serving as a temporary home for travelling writers.

To enter the house, occupants simply walk through the front door where there’s a set of drop down stairs which also doubles as the living room floor when folded up. Believe it or not, there’s also a bathroom and shower complete with a frosted door, as well as a kitchen with a tiny cooktop and sink.

The second floor is accessed via a ladder where the bedroom (see: bed) resides with a window for natural lighting. No word yet on whether it can hold house parties.

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