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NASA Is Working On 3-D Printed Homes On Mars


Forget saving up for that luxe loft apartment you’ve had your eye on, NASA projects that by 2030 we’ll be living on mars and RedWorks want to be the first to 3-D print our homes in space.

“Mars is our next nearest destination,” Jekan Thanga, a professor at Arizona State University who has worked on U.S. and Canadian space missions, explained at MIT’s New Space Age Conference. “It’s our most practical destination for long-term colonization.”

Keegan Fitzpatrick’s startup, RedWorks has developed a 3-D printing system that will use Martian soil to create buildings, roads, and other infrastructure that can sustain human life. “There are a lot of businesses focused on launching satellites and humans into space, but one important thing that isn’t being addressed very much is the kind of infrastructure that needs to be put in place for us to be able to operate on another planet,” Keegan Fitzpatrick told Fast Company.

Kirkpatrick’s idea was inspired by a challenge issued by NASA that invited people to develop, design, and build a habitat for deep space exploration using 3-D printing technology. His team, made up of a geologist, 3-D printing specialist and a designer, believes it is possible to find solutions to hard problems (like living in space) with simple DIY techniques.


RedWorks aren’t the only ones making it possible for us to live on mars, corporations like Boeing, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin and Blue Origin are all popping up with new technologies to facilitate space travel. In fact, New Space Global has identified more than 1,000 private space companies, and expects to see 10,000 over the next decade.

[via Fast Company]


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