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High-Tech Public Sex Toys Are Coming To A Music Festival Near You

Remoji is the name of a new sex toy which is specifically designed to be used in public. Why in God’s name might you ask?

PicoBong who are the leading manufacturers in intimate accessories believe that humans tend to find arousal in exposing our sexual tendencies upon the gaze of others. To drive this debatable point home, the sex toy maker is launching their latest innovation called Remoji, a new device which can vibrate remotely to the sound of music.

With a tag line like “discreet pleasure in public”, one can rest assure that the Remoji is no flash in the pan novelty. The gadget is controlled via a mobile phone app using a Bluetooth connection – since no one ever wants to see another person with a wire hanging out of their pants in public.

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The discreet vibrating device is concealed inside the user’s underwear well away from wandering eyes. At an event such as a festival, the Remoji can be set to vibrate and pulse to the tune of a song. Features include six different music genres in which Remoji can vibrate to, so whether you’re a hip-hop, indie, punk, jazz, techno, or dub-step fan, the grind will always be on.

A PicoBong spokeswoman explained that a simple swipe is all that’s needed to “switch up the speed, change his dance style and keep you both building up to that ultimate drop.”

“When researching different vibration patterns we realised we have something really cool to work with – namely the music we listen to every day. And of course, different music styles, besides inspiring different rhythms when it comes to our sex playlist, also have different visual footprints according to the beat, so we want to translate our six different vibration patterns into music genres – with Remoji taking on a unique character for each one.”

PicoBong have strategically launched the Remoji just in time for the northern hemisphere Summer festival season. It hopes that the device will add a dose of pleasure to any gig.

“With the summer fast approaching and the music festivals season about to kick-off, PicoBong is poised to become your main provider of unforgettable experiences and sexual exploration,” the spokeswoman said.

The sex toy company based in San Francisco is currently crowdfunding the project on Indiegogo with a 410% backing rate. A launch date has been set for June.

Sex researcher and New York author Dr Zhana Vrangalova explained to The Mirror that, “there is something very arousing in exposing your nude or sexual self to the gaze of others – in a recent study of over 1,000 Canadian adults, 35% of men and 27% of women reported interest in having sex with a partner in front of other people or where there were at risk of being seen.”

Best you keep this one away from the Wiggles concert.

[via The Mirror]




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