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Roborace Is The Insane Autonomous Racing Series Nobody Asked For

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Roborace is what you get when you cross the car designer from Tron:Legacy with a futuristic racing series that doesn’t involve human drivers. You read right, and it’s very much real.

The world’s first robotic driverless racing series created by UK VC fund Kinetik is slated to debut between 2016-2017 and will feature wildly futuristic hypercars designed by Daniel Simon of TRON’s light cycle fame (as well asAudi, Bentley, and Bugatti).

If the pictures are any indication, seamless aerodynamics and sleek aesthetics appear to be the main drawcard of these cars since there won’t be much noise. Still, Simon worked with real race engineers and stuck to a stringent design criteria which was to create a vehicle which takes full advantage of a body without the need for a cockpit.


The new series will fall in line alongside its Formula E electric racing partner which does use human drivers. If there’s one area of advantage in the series, it’s that the race will allow electric car engineers, software developers and autonomous driving technology to flourish on high-profile competitive level. The results of which will no doubt trickle into future road cars.

There’s no specs on the cars just yet but there are pretty pictures. Early reports from WIRED claim that the electric cars can reach 300km/h. First Motobot, then physically abusing robots and now this. Skynet, anyone?


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