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A Hong Kong Designer Just Built A $50,000 Scarlett Johansson Robot

Terrifying can come in many forms. Donald Trump naked riding a horse naked. Finding month-old protein shake in your car. And now you can add creepy Scarlett Johansson sex slave robot to that mix.

Hong Kong designer Ricky Ma, for reasons unknown, decided to build a talking and semi-mobile robot modelled off his favourite Hollywood actress. The 42-year-old originally set out just to build a humanoid and some how along the way allowed it to manifest into a Scarlett Johansson cyborg. News site Reuters reported that Ma had been obsessed with animation and robots since his early childhood.

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Decades on and $50,000 later, a year and a half’s worth of development has resulted in ‘Mark I’. The silicon wrapped humanoid is 70% 3D printed and can respond to voice commands with unnerving facial features (such as cute winks) as well as moving its arms and legs. Ma who is a self taught programmer said that he encountered many challenges on the way but he’s satisfied with the final result.

The human race wiped out by sexy Scarjo robots. Guess there could be worse ways to go.

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