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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #75

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1 of 6|PancakeBot Custom Pancake Printer
2 of 6|BMW M2 Cruise M Bike Limited Edition
3 of 6|El Purista Smokers Armchair
4 of 6|Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter
5 of 6|Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
6 of 6|The Pocket Shot

It’s time to get your big boy gadget pants on as we bring you this week’s coolest money-grabbing goodies from around the world. In this week’s edition we’ve got a custom pancake robot, BMW’s latest M-sport bike and a levitating Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth speaker. There’s even a pocket bow and arrow just for laughs (unless you’re on the receiving end). Hide your wallets gentlemen. She be taking all your monies.

#1 PancakeBot Custom Pancake Printer

Making pancakes with an actual pan is for losers. Real men use this latest wild contraption called the PancakeBot and yes, it’s everything you think it is – a pancake printer. The world-first invention boasts a proprietary batter dispensing system to create a pancake in any image imaginable. Want to impress the lady with a Donald Trump pancake? Done. The machine uses software which allows users to draw, design or import their own image via an SD card before it is reproduced in the tasty batter on the grill below.

Price: $300/BUY


#2 BMW M2 Cruise M Bike

With the impending release of the baby BMW M2, it was only fitting that the German car maker released a two-wheeled version of the car. Drawing inspiration from its bigger brother, the M2 Cruise bike comes in a Long Beach Blue metallic hue on a hydro-formed alluminium frame. It sports 28-inch wheels with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a 30 gear system. Unlike the M2, the high performance bicycle will be limited to just 1,500 examples. So if you want one for the roof of your M2, check in with BMW now.

Price: $1,500/BUY

#3  El Purista Smokers Armchair

This one is for the smoker guy who enjoys to chill in style as much as a good Cuban cigar. The chair was designed by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Alexander Sauer and takes inspiration from the iconic Eames lounge chair. The difference lies in the square formed arm rests which has ample storage for an ashtray and your favourite whiskey. The chair is made from a combination of beech wood and walnut veneer from a sustainable lot of German forests. Even the finishing is eco-friendly using aniline leather designed to preserve the hide’s natural textures.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Every man needs a survival tool and the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter could very well save your life. When the need for fresh water in the wild is paramount, the squeeze water filter steps in with its PointOne filter to make outdoor water sources drinkable. The device works by using hollow fibre membranes with U-shaped microtubes which blocks any particles larger than 0.1 microns. This makes for a drinkable water source with 99.9999% of bacteria removed. It’s even portable allowing users to roll it up into a pouch and when it comes time for rehydration, simply twist the filter over any conventional water bottle.

Price: $30/BUY

#5 Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Last year saw the arrival of floating Bluetooth speakers and now we have something truly special – a glowing Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. Modelled off the film’s iconic spacecraft, the Bluetooth speaker looks simply awesome spinning above a magnetically charged base. You can even play the Darth Vader theme as it’s floating. Sound quality is not compromised despite its funky looks with sound streamable from most smartphone and tablet devices. The speaker has a playtime of 6 – 8 hours before it needs to return to base for a charge via USB.

Price: $30/BUY


#6 The Pocket Shot

No room for a bow and arrow in your backpack? Take a look at this cool and dangerous contraption to come out of America (naturally). First up, it should be known that the Pocket Shot is no toy and is very dangerous. The collapsable body allows users to shoot targets with slugs, metal marbles and even full-sized arrows at up to 380km/h. Use this one with caution if you manage to get it into the country.

Price: $25/BUY


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