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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #76

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1 of 6|MI Guitar
2 of 6|Boeing 737 Engine Chair
3 of 6|Pictar iPhone Camera Grip
4 of 6|Burled River Coffee Table By Greg Klassen
5 of 6|FPM Bank Alluminium Suitcases
6 of 6|PoloTech Shirt

The world’s coolest toys and gadgets are on us this week. For the interior junkie, there’s a rad lounge chair modelled off the engine cowling of a Boeing 737 whilst music fiends will be pleased to see the revolutionary redesign of the humble guitar. Also on the hit list today is a river rock formation coffee table by Greg Klassen. Time to get your geek on.

#1 MI Guitar

This is no glorified video game instrument. MI Guitar is a legitimate re-imagination of the guitar which allows a player to pick up the instrument and shred away without the need for an amp or other devices. The strings for strumming remain in place but instead of extending all the way to the end, buttons replace the strings which are used to control the chords. This makes picking up the guitar and playing songs extremely easy with a built in speaker and an app guide which tells you the right buttons to push. Easy, intuitive and revolutionary. Think of the MI Guitar as a cross between Guitar Hero and a real guitar that you won’t be smashing out of frustration any time soon.


Price: $329/BUY

#2 Boeing 737 Engine Chair

As a kid we all wanted a piece of an aeroplane to take home. Now you can with this Boeing 737 lounge chair by England’s Fallen Furniture. The sizeable piece of furniture measures in at 200cm x 200cm x 200cm and can completely engulf a human being in its cavernous shell. Inside, it’s plush upholstered leather whilst the exterior is adorned in polished spun alluminium frame and base. For the thrillseekers, the chair can spin to satisfy all your most villainous fantasies.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Pictar iPhone Camera Grip

Turn your humble iPhone into a dedicated handheld camera with Pictar. The iPhone Camera Grip isn’t just a fancy case though. The device controls a dual stage shutter which mimics an SLR as well as a dials for exposure control, zoom, ISO, shutter speed and the all important selfie camera toggle. For ease of use, the grip also has its own strap and a standard tripod mount. The device operates in high-frequency sound waves of 18500-20000 kHz which means that battery life lasts for months.

Price: $90/BUY

#4 Burled River Coffee Table by Greg Klassen

For a coffee table with a difference, Greg Klassen has crafted a natural landscape piece inspired by a flowing river. The table consists of beautifully textured maple slabs, hand-cut blue glass to mimic the water and a silky smooth surface finish. It all makes for one cool hero piece fit for any man’s lounge room talking piece. The table stands at  42″ x 25″ x 16″.

Price: $5,800/BUY

#5 FPM Bank Alluminium Suitcase

Take your luggage on a safe vintage trip with the FPM Bank Alluminium Suitcase. The classic range which is made in Italy comes in various sizes from a vanity case through to a full-sized trunk. The case’s unique look is taken from Mark Sadler’s design and features premium leather handles, interior straps, maxi butterfly clasps and integrated TSA approved locks. The case also rolls in silence with smooth wheels that roll in silence.


Price: $TBA/BUY

#6 PoloTech Shirt

Wearable technology gets an overhaul with Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt. The shirt monitors the body during a workout and relays real time data to an iPhone or Apple Watch directly back to the user. The silver fibres which are weaved into the garment help to monitor things such as heart rate, breathing depth and balance. The accompanying app includes live biometrics, adaptive workouts and more.

Price: $295/BUY

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