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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #74

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1 of 6|Floating Sauna
2 of 6|H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask
3 of 6|GoPro Omni Camera
4 of 6|Grismont 3D Printed Iron Clubs
5 of 6|Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Lamps
6 of 6|Nui Studio Mygdal Lamp

This week’s coolest gadgets are coming at you sweet and fast with a theme driven by homewares and all things unconventional. Ever wanted to jump into a floating sauna? You can now. We’ll forever be taking your money because we know you love it.

#1 Floating Sauna

The elusive answer to the world’s coolest (or is that hottest?) sauna has arrived. A Kickstarter floating sauna is currently sitting in Seattle’s Lake Union. It’s a fully operational unit too with a buoyant base, alluminium decking and marine grade plywood all forming this cool structure. The ladder-accessible roof itself acts as a diving platform because everyone who saunas wants to go for a dive every now and then. An electric motor keeps everything moving along the water. The price for this dream to become a reality? $43,000.

Price: +$43,000/BUY


#2 H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask

Conventional snorkels require divers to straddle the surface as they glide over the water and stay alive by breathing through one’s mouth. The H2O Ninja Snorkel mask is looking to change this with a vertical face mask concept which allows divers to breather underwater with both their mouth and nose. It’s a simple yet intuitive design which should see to it that many more become scuba fanatics. There’s even an optional GoPro mount which can attach to the mask.

Price: $145/BUY

#3 GoPro Omni Camera

Speaking of GoPro, the company has just unveiled a 360 degree mounting device to capture content especially for VR applications. The cube structure houses six Hero4 Black cameras which uses GoPro software to synchronise all six video signals into one. Plug and play 360 degree video has arrived. Now to throw it in the washing machine to see what we get.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Grismont 3D Printed Iron Clubs

When showing off on the green exceeds your skills, show them the world’s first 3D printed irons by Grismont. The designs are truly stunning and feature collaborations with Parisian artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. They’re not just pretty hitting sticks either, the designers claim that the clubs feature game-improving cavities. If you’re keen on a set, get in quick as these are made in extremely limited qualities in 1,2 or 3 iron.

Price: $1,700/BUY

#5 Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Lamps

You know those iconic office lamps that used to grace every office and bedroom? Well now they’ve been made for giants and can be used in your trendiest outdoor entertainment space. The cool 1930s design can be used just like the original desk lamp with a swivel base and marine grade stainless steel construction. It’s also fully sealed with rubber and comes in twelve different colours. Heck, you could even use them for your own study space if you really wanted.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#6 Nui Studio Mygdal Lamp

Light up your room and keep your most attractive plant alive with this two-in-one terrarium lamp. The enclosure is made from mouth-blown glass and alluminium and feeds LED lighting to the plant inside. Definitely one way to start a conversation at your next house party. High ceilings may be an issue.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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