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6 Signs You’re Definitely Not Getting A Second Date

You did it. You finally asked the dreamy barista, mutual friend, or 10-year crush of your dreams on a date, and gold star for you, she accepted. What’s more? The date went swimmingly well. Awkward silences were few and far between, you wooed her with your quick wit and hilarious Donald Trump impressions, she loved the restaurant, you left with a full stomach and even a cheeky goodnight kiss.

There’s no way she’s going to turn down a second date, right? Don’t be so sure. There are some tell tale signs she’s not so keen for round two that you should be aware of before you start shopping for that engagement ring. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

#1 She Goes Full-Blown Ghost


Duh. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Sure, but not when it comes to casual dating encounters, particularly when they’re of a digital nature. If you’ve barely heard a peep in the form of a follow-up “I had fun” text, let alone a Snapchat, but she’s been on an Instagram-liking binge in the last 10 minutes…time to raise your white flag. Sometimes it’s easier to say no with silence. It’s the coward’s way out, but her lack of response should speak volumes in regards to a second date. Take a hint.

#2 You Can’t Remember The Date


Spontaneous drunk dates are fun, but are they when you blacked out and have no idea how she left, who paid for the bill or when she divulged her deepest darkest secret to you? We think not. Now, now, we’re not saying a little bit of Dutch Courage is prohibited. By all means drink until your confidence has been stroked and your conversations lubricated, but getting white girl wasted on the first date isn’t a good look, for anyone. There’s also a high chance you’ve gone down in history as ‘the drunk guy’ and a second date is most probably off the cards.

#3 You Went On & On About “What You’re Looking For”


Rookie error. You’ve had a string of shitty dates and want to make sure the next one knows what you’re up for and interested in, warts and all. It’s okay to slip in the odd “I love brunettes”, or “girls who play sports are sexy”, but don’t spend the whole date bending her ear with your dealbreakers and must-have qualities. She’s only going to leave thinking you’ve got ridiculously high standards and no matter how perfect she might be, she won’t add up. Keep your lady opinions to yourself, buddy.

#4 She Isn’t Giving Much Away


If you’ve successfully accomplished points #2 and #3, and now she’s playing her cards extremely close to her chest, you can pretty much kiss that second date goodbye. It’s nice to leave a little mystery on a first date, but if she’s not even fessing up about her weekend plans or the general area where she lives, something has definitely put a sour taste in her mouth and this date is most probably your last.

#5 Her Body Language Is Off


No matter how much your mum told you you’re Mr. Charming, you may have rubbed your date the wrong way at some point in the night and to put it simply, she’s just not having it. Folded arms, lack of eye contact, plenty of phone checking, bitchy resting face and one to two word responses, she’s ready to get the hell out of there. Her goodbye will also speak volumes. If she’s practically running out the door or won’t give you so much as a handshake goodbye, time to bow out.

#6 You Were Plain Rude


There are a couple of things you can do to completely stuff up any chances of a second date, and they include (but are not limited to): unwanted sexual attention, being a dick to the wait staff, mysteriously forgetting your wallet, texting or calling other women during the date and asking zero questions. It’s common sense, people.

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