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Sno Ped Is A Proper Cafe Racer Made For The Snow

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We know you look badass on your two-wheeled cafe racer, but can you do the same in a puffy vest and a kid’s snow sled? With the Sno Ped, looking bad to the bone on snow is now possible.

Looking like the love child between a snowmobile and a vintage cafe racer, the Sno Ped is a badass take on what it would be like to rule the streets of the snows (if there were any to rule). Its sleek and narrow design lends itself to the futuristic interpretations of a snow speeder whilst the black aluminium body with exposed rivets adds that touch of masculinity. Fans of the Akira Manga film of Judge Dredd will drool over the vertical stacked headlights which adds a further futuristic dimension to the Sno Ped.

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The Sno Ped is no concept either as it comes with a video from the makers which shows off its lightweight chassis, 90cc motor, and dedicated Chrysler Sno-runner tracks. It’s designers, Joey Ruiter and Jeff Long, based the design off their favourite labels including G-Star RAW, Belstaff and Ralph Lauren Black.

The pair haven’t revealed any plans to mass produce the product but we’re sure a friendly e-mail and a wad of cash won’t go astray from locking one down.

For those who can’t afford it just yet, you have a video to warm you over.

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