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The World’s First ‘Sociable Shoe’ Helps You Digitally Detox


There’s no doubt we’re living in a digital age where our morning commutes are mostly spent with heads bowed over bright screens, leaving little time for face-to-face social interaction. If you’re a guilty news feed addict and you’re sick of being unsociable, Anatomic & Co. have designed a pair of shoes that are designed to digitally detox.

The ‘In Good Company’ shoe incorporates ingenious technology inside a rubber sole with Bluetooth connection to an app that you can personalise to do away with unwanted interferences. Described as the “world’s first social shoe” (face-to-face, of course), Anatomic & Co.s shoe was created in conjunction with UCL and means you can socialise without constant mobile and social media distractions.

“The shoe is a physical manifestation of our mission – to make the world a more sociable place to live, by making the world’s most social shoes. After the beta test we are planning to roll this out further so more people can be in good company,” says Anatomic & Co. MD and Chief Designer, Moema Pimental.

UCL Advances’ Deputy Director Dr Alastair Moore also weighed in on the innovation, “This delivers against UCL’s mission to work on innovative research. By subverting the principles of the ‘Internet of Things’ and bringing mindfulness closer to technology I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more products like this over the coming years.”

Anatomic & Co‘s ‘In Good Company’ shoes will be featured on Kickstarter this season and you can register online to stay up-to-date on the innovative and sociable technology as it changes our lives in real time.


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