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Square Milkshakes Are The New Hipster Food Art Sold Through Instagram

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From cold brew coffee to craft beer, latte art, taco trucks, coconut water, kombucha, kale and anything in a mason jar, these days there’s little the creative and perhaps contrived hand of the hipster hasn’t touched. And now we can add the humble milkshake to the hipster repertoire with Sonic’s square shakes. Yes, that’s right, square.

Designed specifically for Instagram and sold at Coachella, Sonic milkshakes are a hipster’s wet dream. The ‘square shakes’ were created in collaboration with Instagram celebrity Christine Flynn, aka ‘Chef Jacques La Merde,’ who has made a name for herself by poking fun at fine dining with junk food plated in fancy ways.

The square shakes seem a bit wanky, but god, do they sound delicious. Flavour options include vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wildberry and lavender.

Before you start preparing your palette, slow down – Sonic Square Milkshakes are only available through Instagram, but they are FREE if you’re getting your hipster on at Coachella. “Through Instagram’s ‘Shop Now’ geo-targeted sponsored ads, [Coachella] attendees will be able to order the shakes and sample them on the spot – a first-of-its-kind program for Instagram,” a Sonic spokesperson told BuzzFeed. Hipster nonsense? Or cool new food trend. You be the judge.

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