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Stockholm Attic Apartment By Scandinavian Homes

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Attic living doesn’t sound like the most appealing space for urban dwellers, but with a touch of Scandinavian flair all is salvageable and dare we say, fit for a grown-up Harry Potter ready to graduate from the staircase.

The latest home to be penned and built by Scandinavian Homes is a fine example of this ability to transform a two-storey 164 metre-square space into a fresh designer abode. Inside the ultra chic crib is a host of finely appointed white tones on the walls, leaving the cool wall art, coffee table books, textured furniture, indoor plants and designer lighting to take centre stage.

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Venturing upstairs will reveal exposed roof beams in matching white and a slanting roof line which perfectly complements the home’s design.

The bathroom takes more inspiration from a vintage era with small tiles combines with gold plated tap fittings and marble. It all makes for a cosy 1920s-inspired modern home fit for the discerning gentlemen.


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