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Pure Swedish Design Masterfully Executed In Höganas Home

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Pure Swedish design oozes from this spacious abode located in Sweden’s snowy town of Höganas. The space marks a welcome addition to the country’s powdery environment and takes away the walls separating kitchen, living and dining spaces. Pure open living opulence ensues as a result.

Natural light fills the room via large floor to ceiling windows which are framed in white to accompany the host of cool interior design aspects. Some of these finer touches include a host of indoor plants, monochromatic artwork and lightbulb terrariums to add character to the white space.

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Draping furniture, low hanging light features and a natural lathering of organic textures such as wood old magazines makes this one of the more distinguishable Höganas homes made for the discerning gentleman.

Did we mention this Swedish home has a coffee table propped up by old magazines? Genius.

Photos by Kronfoto.


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